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Trion Air Bear
    229990-101 Furnace Filter - Trion Air Bear Cub
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  203720 FC100A1037 Honeywell Filter 20x25x4
20x25x5 (Honeywell)

Other Part Numbers
  Skuttle #DB-25-20
Skuttle #DB-25-20
  Space Gard 2200 more info
Space Gard 2200
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  FC100A1037 Furnace FilterFC100A1037 Honeywell Filter


Shipping starting at only $5.95 per case of filters - So Stock Up and Save! (Click for shipping details)

Honeywell FC100A1029 Style Replacement Furnace Filter 
Manufactured by Indigo
Available in MERV 8 or
Honeywell FC100A1029 Style Furnace Filters (Click for a larger Image!)

This Furnace Filter replaces:

  • Honeywell FC100A1029
  • Honeywell  203719
  • Indigo PN# 2400.4719, 2401.4719 2402.4719
  • SBHW2940 and SBHW29MQP
  • 16x25x5 Furnace Filters*
  • 16x25x4 Furnace Filters*
  • *Actual Furnace Filter Dimensions are
    15 7/8" x 24 3/4" x 4 3/8"
  • In Stock!
  • Honeywell F25F1000
  • Honeywell F35F1008
  • Honeywell F50F1073*
  • Honeywell F100F1012
  • Honeywell F150E1026
  • Honeywell F200E1029
  • Honeywell F300E1019*
  • Honeywell F300A1625*

*Electronic Air Cleaner: requires conversion to fit standard residential air cleaner filter. Contact your HVAC installer for required components.

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This filter also offers:
* Made in the USA quality. Indigo Filters are made in La Porte, Indiana to the highest quality standards, and offering one of the sturdiest filter frames available
* Manufactured by the folks who used to make the Trion Air Bear brand name filters before Trion exported manufacturing to china.
* MERV 8 or MERV 11 efficiency level (MERV 8 was the original Honeywell standard, MERV 11 offers additional filtration for better air quality)
* Satisfaction guaranteed!  If your not happy, we'll make it right, or refund your money!
* Easy pull out tabs to make removal easy (and you don't have to touch the 'icky' media once the filter has been used)
* Individually sealed plastic bag to protect against moisture.  (This will improve storage life so you can buy by the case and save!)
* ADVERTISING DISCOUNT OPTION - Get $1.00 off listed prices per filter if selected. 
More Info (Pops up in new window)

MERV 8 FC100A1029 Style Furnace Filter (Indigo Part Number 2400.4719)
$24.50 Single || $69/Case
(3 filters $23/ea/) || $129.00/Double Case (6 filters $21.50/ea.)
Check this box for the Advertising Discount ($1/off PER FILTER - WOW!)
  (Quantities can be updated at checkout)

MERV 11 FC100A1029 Style Furnace Filter (Indigo Part Number 2401.4719)
$27 Single Filter || $75/Case
(3 filters $25/ea.) || $138.00/Double Case (6 filters $23/ea.)
Check this box for the Advertising Discount ($1/off PER FILTER - WOW!)
  (Quantities can be updated at checkout)

At SimplyFilters.com, we are proud to offer the Indigo brand replacement furnace filters for the Honeywell FC100A1029 Furnace Filter model.  Even though this filter is not a Honeywell brand it is manufactured to the highest standards and works as a direct replacement for the filter part numbers listed.  Indigo makes one of the best non OEM filters in the industry and a standard MERV 8 efficiency level as well as the superior MERV 11 efficiency. The average life of this filter is 6 to 12 months.

Honeywell Filter Cross Reference Table

Part # 2400.4718 2400.4719 2400.4721 2400.4720
Replaces These Part Numbers: FC100A1003 FC100A1029 FC100A1011 FC100A1037
209894 203719 203721 203720
F25F1075 F25F1000 F25F1018 F25F1026
F35F1032 F35F1008 FC35A1019 FC35A1027
FC35A1035 F35A1001 F35F1016 F35F1024

Trion Air Bear Cross Reference Table

Part # 2400.2101 2400.2103 2400.2102 2400.32RM
Replaces: 229990-101 229990-103 229990-102 Space Gard 2200
Style: Trion Air Bear Cub Trion Air Bear Trion Air Bear Space Gard 2250

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