was started with idea to do two things: 1) To sell furnace filters and 2) to do it at as low of a cost as possible. Furnace filters shouldn't cost a fortune, and we've created a business model that allows us to offer a rock bottom price for the furnace filters we sell without sacrificing quality or customer service. How do we do this? We keep it simple. The website design and maintenance is done in house. This alone saves thousands of dollars that would otherwise be tacked on to the sale price like it is at other places. We also manage our inventories so that we don't have a huge warehouse cutting into the cost (our warehousing/storage area of the business is only 1,000 square feet). We order one to two shipments a week from our supplier to maintain our inventories. Another way that we save is on advertising. We work hard to satisfy you, our customer, above and beyond your expectations in the hopes that you will tell your friends and help spread the word about our business. With your help in getting the word out about us we can continue to offer exceptional prices on our furnace filters. If you would like to contact us you can reach us at

Thank you for your interest in our products and our site!

Seth and Krista Anderson